Privacy Policy and data collection practices

This page describes what type of data we collect, handle and store related to the visitor of the web page.

The web page collects general information (like time of the visit, browser used, …) of the visitors for statistics. It is not possible to connect the statistical data to any specific user. When you create an account in the process of registration we store your personal information you enter (name, address, e-mail address, …). We store the information till you delete the account. You can delete your account anytime.

We do not share, publish or sell your personal information to other legal entities, persons. We do share your registration information with contracted parties who are working on our events (for example third party working on the reception, hotels where you booked a room, third party developing and operating the registration system). These third parties can handle you personal information only related to their job, only for the time period they work on our event and they cannot share, publish or sell it. Finishing their job they have to delete all personal information we have shared with them.

We can send you newsletters, information about our events until you delete your account.

We can change our policy regularly as technology or our services changes. We publish the valid policy here.