Lee & Štěpán met at a festival and soon discovered that they would hit the very same breaks, create the very same rhythms and hear the same intricate bits in music. With their mutual interest in dance conversation what more can you ask for?

Lee Meidan, originally from Tel Aviv and nowadays based in Madrid, started dancing at the age of 18. She had played jazz and swing music on the saxophone all of her life, and loved performing and being on stage doing theater shows, gymnastics and more. Lindy Hop for her is the perfect combinations of all the things she loves.
Lee is very passionate about the social aspect of the dance – the conversation between two people and the music, and the magical things that can happen in that space. She travels around Europe teaching, learning and competing as her passion grows and deepens.

If you’re one of those persons who constantly tap their feet or make rhythms with their fingers, you will most likely get along well with Štěpán. Growing up in a musical family took its toll…
Tap & Swing, that’s the thing – but it was not all along. With his original passion for tap dancing, he also discovered swing dancing and started learning both. You can find him teaching and performing in his hometown of Prague.