Alexey Kazennov is one of the most popular dancer from Moscow. He started dancing in 2013 with extraordinary enthusiasm, came to all parties and in the same year became finalist of newcomer J&J mac os iso. In 2014 he won the Open Strictly competition in Moscow and was a finalist of an international J&J. From 2015 he started teaching, practicing and traveling all over the world winning a great number of competition titles 저스트댄스 다운로드. Lindy hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues and St. Louis Shag, there is nothing he can’t dance! Alexey is famous for his personal style as a dancer, his big smiles but most of all for his high energy on the dance floor 콜오브듀티 모던워페어 다운로드! Do you believe that someone can dance for 24 hours non-stop? Yes, this is Alexey!

Started to dance at age 9. Ballet, modern jazz and ballroom dances gave her classic technique and stable base 대성마이맥 노트북 다운로드. She loves to spice up that with the energy and craziness of jazz. When teaching, it’s important to her to build up well structured classes. She tries to help her students to reach strong body awareness, to improve their technical skills, but can’t miss out some fun figures or games on each class 구글 드라이브 에서 다운로드. In the last 6 years she is teaching every day classes in Budapest at the Keep Swinging association, she is involved the local scene building and everyday life of the school 사주 2000 다운로드. Other passion of her is event organizing.