Here we try to have up-to-date information on levels of classes:

  • what levels do we have on day and evening classes
  • whether a specific level is full or not
  • whether a specific level has a waiting list

Description of the levels:

  • Intermediate: You dance for around a year PrincessMaker 2 Lipin. You have more and more figures. You have some ideas about how to lead / follow them and most of the time it works. You feel better and better dancing for medium tempo 팟 플레이어 다운로드. You can react for big stops. Sometimes you try fast music however it is still challenging. You can dance with unknown dancers with less and less leading / following errors 스카이림 ece 다운로드.
  • Intermediate-Advanced: You dance for around 2-3 years. Your dance connects to the music more and more. You have a good variety of figures 차계부 양식 다운로드. You can lead / follow clearly, sometimes try to add some improvisation. Your dance shows the changes in the music. You can handle fast music.
  • Advanced: You dance for more than 3 years poem of self-study. Your life is filled with lindy hop. Classes, camps, parties. All the time. You have musicality. You have no problem leading, following, making improvisation, really fast music 한글 2014 무료 다운로드. You cannot count how many moves you know. You can express musicality, mood.
  • Advanced plus: You are talented. You practice regularly 구글어스 3d 모델 다운로드. You work on small details of your dance. People watch you dance. You have your definitive dance style that makes your dance different.
  • Invited-only: You are really a well-known dancer this views. Your dance & style has already affected the dancing scene in Europe. Special rules apply here. You have to sign-up for this level. We chose participants between those who sign-up Go-stop for pc!

We do plan to have many of these levels both during the day and in the evening. Based on the number of sign-ups we might have more groups of the same level (int 1 and int 2) or we put together levels to one group (adv and adv+ will be 1 adv level) 영화 마일스 다운로드.