In 2013, five musicians came across the dancers of Swing and Shout and The Swing Shouters
band was born. The collaboration between the association and the band helped reviving the
dance scene with live music by providing a nice and warm atmosphere for evening events and
swing dance ballrooms. The Swing Shouters is an explosive band, bursting with a catching
energy, rearranging famous muscial standards from the 20s to the 40s. With more than 200
concerts they’ve become one of the most popular bands on the international swing dancing
stage. From Paris to Quebec including Sweden, Spain, Germany, and Romania, they fire up the
public and the dance floors years after years. They have a large musical repertoire focused on
quintessential Swing music that originated from New Orleans and Rhythm & Blues extensions.

Tenor saxophone : Sylvain Roudier
Trombone : Benoist Pasquier
Guitar : David Ménager
Doublebass : Carl Cordelier
Drums : Alban Aupert