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Dear …,
You receive this newsletter as you will participate in Lindy Shock University 2018!
We meet in a few days! We have collected the most important news here!
We are NOT selling tickets on the spot!!!
Services you can still buy on-line or during the check-in:
– 4-day lunch and dinner tickets
– afterparty on Monday, 5th Nov with Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five, feat. Hilary Alexander from US
– taster classes
– we lock the system at 23:59PM on 26th October 2018, after that you cannot change anything. You can still check your information and download files after that
– You can check-in on Wednesday at the boats on 31th of October. Check-in is open between 17-02. If you have no parties or late nite parties please come before 20 or after 1AM.
– You can check-in at the main reception on the boats later as well. Main reception opens around 30 minutes before the first class / audition starts that day.
– Please bring your e-ticket with you printed or have it on your smartphone. You can download the PDF document from your user account.
– Please check your e-ticket! If you find any mistakes please contact us immediately. It is much easier to correct it before your arrival!
– You can pay in Euros and Hungarian forints. Cash only
Check the event booklet for your schedule and for general information:
You receive it printed once you arrive
Audition information:
– All levels have audition
– you find the location & time of all auditions in the booklet
– first you have to check-in before visiting your audition – you need your wristband to participate the audition!
– you have to visit your level’s audition – you cannot participate audition of a different level (than you’ve signed up)!
– in case you arrive later, we add you to a level during the check-in
– no audition required for taster classes!
– a special audition happen for invitational level – contact Marcell for more information
Programs before the first ball
– Preparty on Thursday: it is sold out 🙁 If you have a pass for this you will receive a separate newsletter with the details
City tour on Wednesday
– We meet on the Batthyány square at 13:00
– Kata will be your tour guide
Merchandise and services:
– We will have a great selection of goods and sellers at Lindy Shock this year!
– Vinnsin from France –
– Saint Savoy from Austria –
– Bounce Shoes from Italy –
– Comely Bop from Greece –
– La MilongaM from Hungary –
– Handmande accessories for ladies by Ili –
– Groovy Fox from Bulgaria –
– Swing it from Poland –
– CDs of the bands playing at Lindy Shock
– Vintage ties by Marcell
– Lindy Shock merchandise
You find all the shops on Kassa boat first floor. They will be open during most of the day & night from Thursday till Wednesday.
We organize an invitational Jack’n’Jill and a Showcase competition. You can still sign up!
The winners can choose from the following passes:
– Athens Rhythm Hop 2019
– Balkan Lindy Hop Championship
– Chase festival
– Sofia Swing Dance Festival
– Swìngala
– Swing Summit
– Vienna Honey Swing
Thank for our sponsors!
Weather: seems we are lucky and the weather will be pretty mild with some rain. Still, a warm coat can be useful when we do the cruising or when you go home 5am completely sweaty!
Follow our Facebook event for news during the event:
Location information:
– the event is situated around Batthyány square – as the previous years
– map:
Until your arrival meet Budapest:
Lindy Shock team