Welcome to Lindy Shock University in Budapest, Hungary! Our university would like to help spread the love of Lindy hop and related culture by providing quality teaching for international dancers. We hope that you can find new knowledge and great atmosphere worth to take home and show to your local community.

Dates: 29th October – 2nd november 2014

You can send your application from 25th June, Wednesday at 17:00 UTC: 17:00 in London / 18 in Budapest and most of Western and Central Europe, 19 in Kiev, 20 in Moscow

It was a blast and the group I travelled with from London all enjoyed it tremendously. The parties were grand, the boat cruise was a real treat. And the people, what a lovely crowd.
The attention to detail was astonishing – especially the technology which was slick and streamlined – the professional photo, touched up and printed for a passport and then put on the website later. Nice touch!
— Chris Neale