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Over 20% of the participants have filled out our survey. Thank you! This gives us a good understanding what worked and what should be change next time.

Compared to previous year we have successfully improved on the following areas:
- you enjoyed live music more
- you were more happy with the taster teachers
- our system did not crash :)

Compared to previous year we have successfully maintained the general high level on the following areas:
- you were really happy with the teacher line-up
- you were generally happy with the event. 99% of the participants would recommend the event.
- Around 70% of participants would personally persuade their friends to join the event or already has all their friends here.

Things that we have to still improve:
- wooden floor on Sofie boat
- should improve communication related to the yearly topic
- we did a bit too much competition this year

Things that we should improve but physically impossible:
- sizes of the boats
- ventilation on the boats

We have received many tips and ideas that we will evaluate in detail. As every year we implement dozens of small improvements we will use them for sure!

Competition results

Summary of competition results:
1. Jonatan Hedberg & Kamilla Leonhardsen
2. Vivien Nivesse & Mirjam Johansson
3. Freddie Karlbom & Mihanta Rakotoarisoa

Invitational JJ
1. Paulo Thierry & Cat Foley
2. Pawel Struk & Caroline Bockelie Johnsen
3. Ron Dobrovinsky & Alexia Legoueix

1. Sep Vermeersch & Bara Hrebackova
2. Gontran Galinier & Sarah Wastiaux
3. Julien Stoehr & Crystel Poetiray

1. Marcos Agote & Cat Foley
2. Arnas Jasiunas & Kamile Pundziute
3. Joris Focquaert & Elzbieta Visnevskyte

Congratulation to everyone!

Summary of fitness class by Ron

Lost and found

Contact us with the number of the photo if one of the object belongs to you!

Early check-in

Officially we start the check-in at 17:00 on Wednesday, Europe boat. However we might be ready earlier, even at 15:00. Once we are ready we will announce it here. So if you would like to come earlier, check out our facebook page:


It was absolutely perfect, i want to do it again! — Vasiliki Adamou